Today is my 40th birthday.

And my birthday gift to myself is this blog.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but I’ve been too afraid to take the first step.  My fears – I’m not qualified, no one will read it, no one will care, I’m not qualified, I’m not tech-savvy enough, I don’t write well enough, I’ll run out of ideas, I’m not qualified, blah, blah, blah.  You get the idea… Well, on this day, I say ‘F**k it’, and I’m just doing it.

So, here we are… Now what?!

What will this blog be about? Well, it’ll be mainly focused on personal finance (hence the ‘loonie’ in Loonie Sue) because that’s the topic I’m most obsessed with!  But it’ll also be about my new (and admittedly fickle) relationships with minimalism & simple living, and any other thing that pops into my loonie mind (see what I did there?!)!

Why a blog?  The main reason is I like to write.  And I like personal finance.  So why not write about personal finance?!  It’s that simple.  But also:

  • I need an outlet for all the thoughts constantly swirling in my brain.
  • I’m hoping that posting my thoughts in such a public way will make me more accountable and help me fast track my financial goals (selfish, I know).
  • Maybe, just maybe, someone else might benefit from my musings (oh gawd, I feel dumb just writing that… I’m not qualified so why the eff would anyone care, much less benefit.  I’m such a jackass).
  • It’ll give me an excuse / forum to try new things and challenge myself in new ways.

Anyhoo, I hope you’ll find something interesting here.  And I’m happy to have you along for the ride (which will hopefully last longer than a few posts!)!

Now, I’m off to celebrate my middle-aged-ness by going curling and having a few post-game bevvies in the curling club lounge (I’m not even trying to be funny. That’s exactly what I’m doing tonight).


(old) Loonie Sue