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Crockpot Yogurt (Crogurt?!)

Ok, so recently I mentioned making yogurt, and messages starting pouring in (well, trickling in, but whatevs) asking for my recipe, so here it is…

What you need:

  • Slow cooker
  • 4L homo milk
  • ½ cup of yogurt (Yes, you need yogurt to make yogurt… don’t ask… something to do with cultures… just trust me, mmmkay? Which reminds me, the yogurt you use MUST have live cultures – check the ingredient list to be sure!)
  • Bath towel
  • ½ cup of powdered milk (optional)*
  • Instant thermometer aka candy thermometer



1) Dump milk into slow cooker.

2) Heat the milk on ‘high’ until it reaches 180 degrees F. You’ll need a thermometer at first to figure out how long it takes in your slow cooker, but once you know, you can just set a timer on your phone. In my crockpot, this takes 2 ½ hrs.

3) Turn off the slow cooker, take the ceramic pot out of the warmer, and take the lid off.

4) Let the milk cool down to about 110 degrees. Again, you’ll need the thermometer at first to figure out how long this takes. For me, it takes 1 ½ hrs.

5) Once the milk reaches 110 degrees, scoop a bit out (approx. 2 cups) into a mid-sized bowl. Add the ½ cup of yogurt and mix. If you’re using powdered milk, add that as well. Once mixed, dump the mixture back into the pot and give it a gentle swirl. (Technically, you could just add the yogurt and powder into the pot, but it’s easier to mix it properly in a separate bowl.)

6) Put the lid back on, wrap a towel around the pot, and place it inside your oven. *DO NOT turn your oven on!! The pot just needs an enclosed draft-free space to stay warm while it does its yogurt thing.

7) Go to sleep. Seriously.

8) The next morning, scoop yogurt into containers and refrigerate! Voila!


Like I said, easy-peasy. Fool-proof really (except that I actually messed it up once… again, don’t ask). I always start the process between 5-6pm so it’s done between 9-10pm, and then, almost by magic – eat your heart out, Darcy Oake – I have yogurt the next morning!

A couple of notes:

  • This makes plain yogurt, which is basically code for ‘tastes like crap on its own’.  (Given that I’m useless in the kitchen though, plain is all I can handle. Knock yourself out if you wanna try flavoured yogurt!)  If we’re just having a bowl of yogurt, we add jam or maple syrup or granola to sweeten it a bit. But our go-to is blending it with banana and strawberries to make smoothies (our kids have this almost daily as a bedtime snack). For a change in the summer, we pour this smoothie concoction into moulds and freeze it to make homemade popsicles (who am I trying to kid with this ‘useless in the kitchen’ talk?! I’m practically Martha Stewart!)!
  • * Homemade yogurt is runnier (and lumpier, kinda like curdled milk… yummm!) than store-bought yogurt, which often contains additives and thickeners. Powdered milk will thicken your yogurt a bit if you prefer that type of consistency. You can thicken it up even more by straining the whey (liquid), but that’s outta my league.

So, there you have it, folks. Happy crogurting! Let me know how it goes!



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  1. David Wright

    That’s almost good and all, but why not just make yoghurt?

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