“The more you own, the more it owns you” – Henry Rollins

I’ve come across this list of clutter statistics often over the last few years, and yet, it continues to shock me.  We North Americans really have perfected the art of consuming (eye roll).

Interestingly, you could pretty much replace the words ‘stuff’ and ‘clutter’ with the word ‘debt’ and the article packs just as powerful a punch. It really is no wonder we’re struggling financially when you consider all the stuff we own.

Numbers 6 & 7 on the list in particular hit home for me this time around because my two boys had birthdays this summer.  While I’m absolutely grateful that people care for my children enough to want to buy them gifts, I’m so sick and tired of ALL. THE. TOYS.  It’s so bad that I’ve come to dread every birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, restaurant meal, other kids’ birthday parties, etc, etc.  Think about it – kids don’t go ANYWHERE these days without coming home with MORE STUFF.  And yet, I swear, I could take away every single toy other than a tub of Lego and they wouldn’t even notice…

Oh my, just the thought of it… So tempting… Should I?!  If they did notice, I could just say it was an experiment… yes, a little research project I was conducting to write about in a Loonie Sue post… hmmm…

What about you? Do any of those statistics resonate with you?