I just posted my June update minutes ago, but I might as well keep going and do July as well!

Look at me go!! So productive on a Sunday night! Ha!

  • $10,722 in RESP contributions – We contributed $1,085 in July, bringing our year-to-date total to $8,225, so we’re very much on track here.
  • Make at least 5 extra mortgage payments – None made yet, but like I mentioned, at least the arbitration ruling has come in now and I’m just waiting on my backpay, which I should receive by mid-November (time will tell if that actually happens or not).
  • Annual spend under $75K, including at least 4 months under $6K and at least one month under $5K – I’m happy to report that July was another good month (3 good months in a row now!), with our July spend at $5,280.92, and our year-to-date spend at $46,747.29. We’re still a bit off target here, but the positive trend is continuing (our spend is now just over by $3K!) AND we’ve now got another month under $6K (3 down, 1 to go!). Some expenses of note this month:
    • our utilities were high, with 2 cell/internet bills this month (that sometimes happens with our billing cycle the way it is) and a high water bill due to spring/summer lawn watering.
    • $683 for clothing, mostly for me, but also includes $150 for the kids.
    • $450 for services at our summer cabin. This is a once-a-year bill.
  • NOT incur any consumer debt – None incurred, so on track.
  • Assemble a binder of financial information – Did not make any progress in July, but still somewhat on track.

Well, May, June and July were good, but I might only get one more good month in (please be good August) before all hell breaks loose from September to December (school supplies / fees, hockey / ringette / curling fees and equipment, Christmas, etc)! Ahhh, the ups and downs of personal finance!