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Month: June 2017

Crockpot Yogurt (Crogurt?!)

Ok, so recently I mentioned making yogurt, and messages starting pouring in (well, trickling in, but whatevs) asking for my recipe, so here it is…

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2017 financial goals – May update

Holy crap, the year is flying by!  Already the spring sports are winding down, there are only a few weeks left of school for the kids, and our summer plans are firming up (it’s shaping up to be epic!!).  On that note, here’s another update!!

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Easy Money – Random Saving Tips #1

I’m sure this will be shocking to you all (wink), but I get a thrill out of saving money.  Especially when it only entails a minor change in habits, or even better, when I wasn’t even trying to save money in the first place!  Here are some random examples from my life…

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Inflate your income, not your lifestyle

There are only 2 ways to get ahead financially – make more money or spend less.  Ideally, you do both.  This post deals with the ‘make more’ side of things.  More specifically, pay raises.

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