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Tales of a wannabe frugal mom – The mukluk edition

Last night was. The. Worst.

Around 7:30pm, I walked into my local curling rink (which is what everybody should be doing in their spare time, in my non-humble, extremely-strong opinion) and sensed that my heel was a little damp. I lifted up my foot to have a look-see and was horrified to discover that I had worn a hole right through the sole of my right mukluk, and that my sock was in fact wet. You guys. I’ve had these mukluks for about 12 YEARS!! And in those 12 winters, I wore those mukluks DAILY. I’m not joking when I say I was traumatized by the hole. It was truly sole-crushing (see what I did there?!).

One thing was clear… I wasn’t about to spend the remainder of this winter mukluk-less. For our cold, snowy winters, they can’t be beat (seriously, it blows my mind that not every single person in the prairies has a pair). So I needed to make a decision – pronto.

On the one hand, I could buy a new pair. They’re certainly not cheap (easily running into the hundreds of dollars), but knowing they can last at least a decade makes them very cost-effective (in my case, they were downright cheap on a cost-per-use basis!).

On the other hand, I could simply replace both soles (the left sole was also fairly worn, although there was no hole yet). That would certainly be cheaper than buying new mukluks (I was quoted $60+tax for the job by a local shoe repair shop), but then again, my muks were showing other signs of wear besides the soles: the fur had worn through in a few spots and one pompom was broken, although those were merely aesthetic flaws.

Old muks: Good from far but far from good (sole hole; fur holes; sad, broken pompom)

What to do?

Well, I did what I nearly always do. I looked for what I needed in the used market first. I checked kijiji and was surprised to find a beautiful pair of like-new Manitobah Mukluks in my size, in a color that I like and with the type of sole I prefer. I contacted the seller, who responded right away, and by total fluke, she happened to be right near my building. She came to meet me, I tried the mukluks on, they fit perfectly, and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of new-to-me mukluks that retail for $280 (including tax) for the cost of $100, a savings of 65%!! And they look brand new (pic at top of post)!!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that buying used doesn’t always work out so well, but in this case, it did and I’m doubly-excited – for the muks and for the savings!

As an added bonus, these will look great with the new matching gloves I got for Christmas to replace my mismatched ones 😉

Loonie Sue

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  1. janez

    You still have old mukluk boots with a hole
    I’m buying

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