Funny little story for you all today…

Last month, I was scouring my favourite money blogs for tips on how to save money on back to school shopping. In keeping with this particular post from The Simple Dollar, I did not buy new outfits for our three kids to wear on their first day of school.* And here’s how school day numero uno went down with our 7yo son…

Thursday, September 7, 2017; 7:30ish am; Loonie Sue household. 

Wannabe Frugal Mom: [Son], I pulled out some clothes for you. They’re on the couch. Can you go get dressed please?

Son: (surveys his pile of clothes) Ummm… Aren’t I supposed to wear something nice for my first day of school??

WFM: (slightly annoyed) Sure! That’s why I pulled out those nice clothes for you! Now put them on!

Son: (indignant) These aren’t nice, Maman!

WFM: (through gritted teeth) What’s wrong with these clothes? You wore them all summer long and never had a problem with them!

Son: (disgusted) Ugh. But they’re not new. I don’t want to wear these clothes.

WFM: (with fake smile plastered on my face) Ok then, let me go grab you something nicer, buddy.

At this point, I take the offending pile of perfectly acceptable hand-me-downs and second-hand store purchases back to his room and grab a different pile of perfectly acceptable hand-me-downs and second-hand store purchases and bring them to him.

Son: That’s better. Thanks, Maman. You’re the best.

WFM: (nodding wisely) That’s right, son.


* Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have bought new outfits for them even if I hadn’t read that article. After all, my daughter – who is in grade 4 – still uses the same backpack & lunch kit she had in nursery school! True story!