So maybe I take this frugality thing a weeeeee bit far…

Exhibit #1:

We’re very open about money with our kids.  We often talk about:

  • the value of things (How will this thingamabob add value to / change / improve your life?)
  • the concept of enough (Do you really need another thingamabob or do you think the several dozen thingamabobs you already have at home are enough?)
  • fairness (Does it really make sense for you to have 20 thingamabobs when some kids have no thingamabobs at all?)

You get the idea… (side note, don’t I sound like the most fun mom ever???)

But last week, something happened to make me wonder if I talked about money too much.  My youngest son’s kindergarten teacher sent me this:

(translation: Dear Santa, Hello, my name is [name]. I am a boy. I am 5 years old.

I am very nice. For Christmas, I would like some money. Thank you Santa.

From your friend, [name])

Clearly, in his mind, my being so concerned about money must mean that we have absolutely none!!  Poor kid… literally!! Crying Laughing Emoji 😂

Exhibit #2:

The other day, hubby and I were discussing whether to buy each other Christmas gifts.  Our knee-jerk answer was ‘no’ because we rarely buy each other gifts (side note, don’t I sound like the most fun wife ever???), but then we thought maybe we should, for the kids’ sake (they wouldn’t want us to feel left out of all the gift-giving, and they might want to help us pick out and wrap our gifts to each other).  G said he needed new sneakers so we agreed he’d pick some out and buy them, and I would pretend I had bought them, and the kids and I would wrap them and ‘give’ them to him for Christmas (don’t worry, this type of lie is ok during the holidays, kinda in the same vein as ‘of course Santa is real, sweetie’).  As for me, when I couldn’t think of anything I needed or wanted, G ‘helpfully’ suggested that he and the kids buy me matching gloves…


My current ‘pair’ of gloves

My reaction? Oh, don’t be silly, as if anyone can tell that these aren’t an actual pair!!

Or slippers…


My current pair of slippers

My reaction? Oh sure, they might be stained, and have barely any fur left, missing beads and re-glued soles, and they might be all-around tattered-looking, but other than that, they’re perfect!!

Ughhh, Christmas is so hard.

Loonie ‘Scrooge’ Sue

(aka best mom ever)

(aka best wife ever)