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2018 financial goals – February update

February is over and things are finally – and mercifully – starting to calm down a bit. Junior curling is over, and we’re nearing the end of G and I’s mixed league, the boys’ hockey and A’s ringette. I can’t wait to have some control over my time again. And I can’t wait to start posting more again. We’re also already looking ahead to summer holidays!

As far as our February expenses go, they look absolutely TERRIBLE. But hear me out cause it’s not quite as bad as it seems… Let’s have a look!

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2018 financial goals – January update

January has come and gone and it was a fab month, the highlight being a family trip with my parents, my brother and his family to an all-inclusive in the Dominican!! It was nice and relaxing and the kids had an absolute blast! They’re at the perfect age where they’re old enough that they can play (somewhat) independently and young enough that they aren’t yet surly, bored, embarrassed-by-their-parents teens. It was a special trip and we’ll cherish those memories forever!

Now, on to 2018 update #1 of 12!

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2017 financial goals – December (FINAL!!) update

Well, here it is, the moment we’ve all (well, me anyways) been waiting for!!  The suspense is killing me – Did we achieve our 2017 financial goals??  Did we fail?  Did we pass with flying colours or just squeak by??

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Financial highlights – 2017

What a year!!  2017 is the first year that I set financial goals for myself and I can’t believe the positive effect it’s had on our finances.  Here are some highlights, some of which you’ll already be aware of if you follow my monthly updates:

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Happy anniversary to Loonie Sue!

Well, it’s only been one year and already I’m late with the anniversary celebrations!!  Sorry blog, my bad… But ummm, happy (belated) anniversary, eh?!  It’s been fun though, right?!  Here’s a look back at my very first Loonie Sue post , back on December 12, 2016…

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2017 financial goals – November update

Well, November was better than October but still pretty ridiculously busy… guess that’s just our new reality now…  Ignoring the fact that I’m always tired now, I’m so lucky to have kids that love their sports and activities!

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