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2017 financial goals – December (FINAL!!) update

Well, here it is, the moment we’ve all (well, me anyways) been waiting for!!  The suspense is killing me – Did we achieve our 2017 financial goals??  Did we fail?  Did we pass with flying colours or just squeak by??

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Financial highlights – 2017

What a year!!  2017 is the first year that I set financial goals for myself and I can’t believe the positive effect it’s had on our finances.  Here are some highlights, some of which you’ll already be aware of if you follow my monthly updates:

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Financial goals for 2018


Well, here we go again… it’s a new year which means it’s time to set my financial goals for 2018!!  It worked well last year, so I might as well do it again, amirite?! Here they are in no particular order:

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Tales of a wannabe frugal mom – Christmas edition

So maybe I take this frugality thing a weeeeee bit far…

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Happy anniversary to Loonie Sue!

Well, it’s only been one year and already I’m late with the anniversary celebrations!!  Sorry blog, my bad… But ummm, happy (belated) anniversary, eh?!  It’s been fun though, right?!  Here’s a look back at my very first Loonie Sue post , back on December 12, 2016…

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2017 financial goals – November update

Well, November was better than October but still pretty ridiculously busy… guess that’s just our new reality now…  Ignoring the fact that I’m always tired now, I’m so lucky to have kids that love their sports and activities!

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Be a goal digger!

You’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down – 42% more likely, according to this oft-cited study.

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2017 financial goals – October update

Every year, October straight up kicks. my. ass.  This year was no different.  Actually, that’s not true.  This year was different – it was worse than usual.  Things just get too busy in October, and I don’t like it.  I’ll (maybe) get used to the new pace (eventually), but for now, I’m honestly just down in the dumps about totally losing control over my time.  It’s just work, hockey, ringette, curling, meetings, work, hockey, ringette, curling, meetings…  rinse and repeat…  I just have to force myself to look at the bright side… as in, I’m so incredibly blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children who would rather get out and play sports than sit at home playing video games, I’m so lucky that I have a hubby who is engaged in our kids’ lives and wants to coach our boys’ hockey teams, I’m so fortunate to live in a wonderful community and I feel honored to contribute to it by volunteering my time on a couple of boards and coaching our daughter’s junior curling program, and (segue alert!) I’m so lucky that our finances are such that we can afford all these sports and activities without feeling the pinch.

There, I feel better already! Now, let’s get to the point of this post, shall we?!

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2017 financial goals – September update

The kids are back in school, curling and hockey start up this week, the days are getting shorter and pumpkin spice, sweaters and scarves are all out in full force… fall is officially here.

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Tales of a wannabe frugal mom (me)

Funny little story for you all today…

Last month, I was scouring my favourite money blogs for tips on how to save money on back to school shopping. In keeping with this particular post from The Simple Dollar, I did not buy new outfits for our three kids to wear on their first day of school.* And here’s how school day numero uno went down with our 7yo son…

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