It’s late on the 28th and after several days that were completely computer-free and mostly smartphone-free, I’m now reminiscing on the Christmas that was…

We had an amazing Christmas yet again.  Highlights were lots and lots of family time (4 separate family gatherings!), seeing kids play and laugh with their cousins, new games to play together as a family, perfectly timing an out-of-town trip to narrowly miss a big-time late Christmas Day, all-day Boxing Day blizzard, etc, etc.

Lowlight was losing my cool (again) at Christmas mass when the kids wouldn’t sit still (WHY can’t they sit still????), but no need to dwell on that…

Although we’ve had a great Christmas so far, the best is yet to come… we’ve just arrived at my parents’ place on Lake Winnipeg for a 4-5 day stretch that will include loads of chilling out, playing new games, watching movies (and maybe some hockey), lots and lots of ice-fishing, some quadding and snowmobiling, a couple of bonfires / weiner-roasts, hanging out with more relatives that will come and go over the next few days, perhaps even a hot tub at the neighbors, etc, etc.  In short, it’s bliss and the perfect follow-up to a busy holiday season!

Hope your Christmas holidays were just as wonderful!!

All turkeyed-out (and living in sweatpants for the foreseeable future),