Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve!!

Ours was super low-key… exactly the way we like it!

We spent the day on Lake Winnipeg ice-fishing with my parents and other relatives.  Aside from the fishing, the kids also found some other kids from a nearby ice-shack to play with and G pulled the boys on toboggans behind the snowmobile.  The fishing itself was atrocious

– we were 10 people and fished for 6 hours, and all we got was a mariah (which we don’t eat, so it went back in the lake), a tiny perch (which we also don’t eat so it went back in), a nice-sized pickerel (which we do eat, but it had a weird growth on one side of its body so it went back in) and a disgusting-looking, slimy salamander (which needless to say, we don’t eat and so it went back in!)!!!  That’s it.  Terrible!  But still so fun!

Then some family & friends came over for appies, we watched the PVR’ed Team Canada junior hockey game and the Jets game (both games as atrocious as the fishing!), and played some cards.

Like I said, it was low-key (and also low-cost), but was pretty special family time, and I’ll take that any day over a fancy (and pricey!) NYE dinner/dance/social!!