Well, November was better than October but still pretty ridiculously busy… guess that’s just our new reality now…  Ignoring the fact that I’m always tired now, I’m so lucky to have kids that love their sports and activities!

  • $12,500 in RESP contributions – I’m still investing $1,240 a month ($1,660 this month because it was a 3-payday month), but now only $400 of that is going towards the RESP, and the rest is going into my TFSA.  So with November’s $400, my year-to-date total in RESP contributions sits at $12,260.  This goal will be met once we’ve contributed $400 in December, so goal accomplished.  Although it isn’t really part of my goal, I’ll include my TFSA contributions here as well, which now sit at $2,940.
  • Increase automatic investment amounts ($500/month excluding pension contributions at Jan 1) – This is my ‘pay myself first’ goal, and my automatic investment amount is now $1,240/month ($1,660 on 3-payday months such as this one), so goal accomplished.
  • Annual spend under $80K – Our November spend was $7,152.85, which brings our year-to-date spend to $71,888.21.  This leaves $8,111.79 for the month of December, when I’ll be taking a 5-day trip and finishing our Christmas shopping.  This is gonna be a squeaker, folks!!  I’ll have to remember next year that October to December is by far the most expensive part of the year and try to build a little more cushion into our spend in the months before then.  Some expenses of note this month:
    • $670 in sports-related expenses.
    • $500 in gifts, Christmas and otherwise.
    • over $400 in medical costs (most of which will be recovered through our work health plans).
    • nearly $225 in eating out costs, which is unusually high for us.
    • over $200 in vet costs for our cat that passed away this month 🙁
  • Increase our saving % (20% at Jan 1) – This now sits at about 35% of our gross income, so goal accomplished.
  • NOT incur any consumer debt – None incurred. Goal accomplished.
  • Declutter at least 2 things a dayGoal abandoned.

Only 1 month to go!! Will we succeed on our annual spend goal??  The suspense is killing me!! In the meantime, stay tuned for our 2018 goals!