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2017 financial goals – December (FINAL!!) update

Well, here it is, the moment we’ve all (well, me anyways) been waiting for!!  The suspense is killing me – Did we achieve our 2017 financial goals??  Did we fail?  Did we pass with flying colours or just squeak by??

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2017 financial goals – November update

Well, November was better than October but still pretty ridiculously busy… guess that’s just our new reality now…  Ignoring the fact that I’m always tired now, I’m so lucky to have kids that love their sports and activities!

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2017 financial goals – October update

Every year, October straight up kicks. my. ass.  This year was no different.  Actually, that’s not true.  This year was different – it was worse than usual.  Things just get too busy in October, and I don’t like it.  I’ll (maybe) get used to the new pace (eventually), but for now, I’m honestly just down in the dumps about totally losing control over my time.  It’s just work, hockey, ringette, curling, meetings, work, hockey, ringette, curling, meetings…  rinse and repeat…  I just have to force myself to look at the bright side… as in, I’m so incredibly blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children who would rather get out and play sports than sit at home playing video games, I’m so lucky that I have a hubby who is engaged in our kids’ lives and wants to coach our boys’ hockey teams, I’m so fortunate to live in a wonderful community and I feel honored to contribute to it by volunteering my time on a couple of boards and coaching our daughter’s junior curling program, and (segue alert!) I’m so lucky that our finances are such that we can afford all these sports and activities without feeling the pinch.

There, I feel better already! Now, let’s get to the point of this post, shall we?!

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2017 financial goals – summer update

Well, THAT, my friends, was an amazing summa!!  Hot, hot, hot, and no mosquitoes! Glorious! So glorious, in fact, that I haven’t posted here ONCE since my June goals update! Yikes.  Well, here I am now with a 2-for-1 post – that’s right, might as well update both July and August in one post (if that’s not efficiency, I don’t know what is).  Here we go!

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2017 financial goals – June update

So, I’m a bit late with my monthly update… what can I say, it’s summer and I was sunnin’ my a** on a beach all of last week!  In fact, hubby and kids are still there which is why I’m able to pound out a few posts today (finally)!

On another note, 6 months have flown by already, so now’s the perfect time to see if I’m at least halfway to my goals or not… Here we go!

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2017 financial goals – May update

Holy crap, the year is flying by!  Already the spring sports are winding down, there are only a few weeks left of school for the kids, and our summer plans are firming up (it’s shaping up to be epic!!).  On that note, here’s another update!!

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2017 financial goals – March update

I love this time of year! All the winter activities are finally done and we’re enjoying a brief break before the next round of activities (swimming lessons, soccer and gymnastics) starts up.  Here’s an update on my 2017 financial goals one quarter into 2017…

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