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Month: January 2017

Beyond frustrated

Hello strangers! Sorry it’s been so long!

The reason for my extended absence is technical difficulties…

We bought a new laptop (because our old desktop is obsolete and we can’t do anything on it anymore) on the day of my birthday (because I was adamant that I’d start this blog on that day!), but it’s been nothing but a hassle since then…

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Decluttering update

Hey all,

Ok, so it might be a little early for an update on one of my 2017 financial goals, but whatevs…  Today, I took the first step in achieving my goal of decluttering at least 2 things a day for 2017 by making my first ‘stuff’ donation of the year.  I made this donation to Value Village.  Why VV? Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s for the rebate.  You see, when you donate to VV, you get a punch card for discounted shopping. The more you donate, the bigger your discount.  And we buy quite a bit of stuff at VV, so it’s win-win, almost like an exchange program!!  Today, I dropped off:

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Tempted to shop? Redirect instead!

The other day I was sitting around when I heard my phone ding.  It was a text from a friend letting me know that NOW natural products (which I use to make homemade health & beauty products like deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, etc.) were 30% off on  Right away, I was on the website, looking for things to buy for my next batch of products.  Within minutes, I had $40 worth of products in my virtual cart.  Only $40 – pretty reasonable, right?! Continue reading

Reducing expenses in 2017

One of my financial goals for 2017 is to reduce our family’s annual spend from about $95K to under $80K.  The million dollar question (or $15K in this case) is how in the world to do that…  In a way, it should be easy.  It seems incredibly, disgustingly, embarrassingly wasteful to spend that much in just 12 months… In fact, I still can’t really believe we spent that much (maybe there are some tracking errors skewing that number? Or maybe we’re just assholes that spend like idiots)…

Anyhoo, here are a few numbers from 2016 and how we can reduce them to help meet our 2017 annual spend goal:

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Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve!!

Ours was super low-key… exactly the way we like it!

We spent the day on Lake Winnipeg ice-fishing with my parents and other relatives.  Aside from the fishing, the kids also found some other kids from a nearby ice-shack to play with and G pulled the boys on toboggans behind the snowmobile.  The fishing itself was atrocious

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